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Use Caution When Tending To Home Projects

9/2/2017 (Permalink)

8/2/2017 (Permalink)

Assorted Potential "Dangers"

It’s that time of year to finally get the household projects done that have been piling up. Many of these projects involve paint, stain, and/or gasoline. Aside from the obvious dangers most don’t consider that rags that contain these chemicals can also catch fire. “The oils commonly used in oil-based paints and stains release heat as they dry. If the heat is not released in the air, it builds up. That is why a pile of oily rags can be dangerous. As the rags dry, the heat is trapped. The heat builds up and finally causes a fire.” 

Did you know?

“An Average of 800 home fire per year are started when oily rags catch fire or are ignited”

If your home project involves stains or chemicals that get onto rags here is a few tips to keep you safe:

  • “Never leave cleaning rags in a pile. At the end of the day, take the rags outside to dry.
  • Hang the rags outside or spread them on the ground. Weigh them down. Do this so they do not 
    blow away. Make sure they are not in a pile. Keep them away from buildings.
  • Put dried rags in a metal container. Make sure the cover is tight Fill the container with a water 
    and detergent solution. This will break down the oils.” 

For more tips to keep you safe during your projects visit:

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